Primary packaging of cannabis flowers

You also want to be a pioneer in the cannabis market?

PS Pharma Service GmbH was one of the first to face the challenge of offering a system for the primary packaging of cannabis flowers of all kinds. Rooms (with continuous video surveillance), equipment and staff have been established accordingly to the requested demands. Once again, PS Pharma Service GmbH could draw on decades of experience and obtain the necessary permits within a few months.

As a result, PS Pharma Service GmbH offers you the opportunity to pack large volumes of cannabis in various primary containers (cans, bags, etc.) in no time. Of course, we can also seal these containers in an airtight and odor-proof way in order to safe the flower quality and keep them stable over long periods of time. The shipping of primary-packed cannabis flowers (incl. export) and analytical samples (e. g. for EU-retesting of cannabis flowers from Non-EU countries) to a qualified contract laboratory, are already standard with us. The entire process has been filmed by the Galileo television team, so you can get an impression here (YouTube).

For the purpose of carrying out these activities, we have the manufacturer's license according to § 13 article 1 and § 72 article 1 drug law, a GMP certificate issued by Düsseldorf's district government and the permission according to § 3 narcotics act as well as the wholesalers permit according to § 52a drug law.

Your contact partners are Mrs. Dr. Sylvia Gerke and Mr. Dr. Lars Godmann.